Vocational Training

Palmyra Handicraft Training

Young people who have completed their GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ level exams cannot easily find employment so we have started vocational training. Programs are now in place for girls to learn sewing, palmyra handicrafts and flower pot making. Boys to learn carpentry. Girls and boys learn computer skills. In 2008 79 young people qualified, 25 of whom have obtained a loan within the micro-credit scheme to begin businesses using their new skills.


We have now trained 40 young women in Kalmunai and Chalambakerny. Trainees were taught all types of sewing by expert instructors. 37 students from the Muslim and Tamil communities completed the training in 2008 and were awarded certificates. These young women were also given assistance through the micro-credit scheme to develop their livelihoods.

Palmyra handicrafts

Training was given to 14 unemployed young women at Unit 15, Navithanvely. They have been trained by an expert instructor to make bouquets, various styles of baskets, tablemats, trays and so on. All trainees completed the course, and then loans were taken out within the micro-credit scheme to help them develop their livelihoods.