Vijayadashami at 10, Hospital Lane, Kalmunai









Vijayadashami, is one of the most important Hindu festivals celebrated in Srilanka. The day marks the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon. The Goddess fought with evils for nine nights and ten days. The name Vijayadashami is also derived from the Sanskrit words “Vijaya-dashami”, literally meaning the victory on the dashami (Dashmi being the tenth lunar day of the Hindu calendar month). The Ayudha Pooja ritual is also on Vijayadashami where the equipments and gears are kept for puja.
The staffs at Rose Charities Srilanka, Rose Lanka Microcredit and Rose Medicare have celebrated the day with joy.

Vidyarambham at Domino’s Preschool

12106891_10153585765980325_6851403777853372346_n 1546262_10153585766095325_4316343337827744128_n 12118896_10153585766490325_4234640131990001764_n 12109137_10153585769645325_5933797781957129615_n 10441131_10153585767100325_3165986483326853647_nVidyarambham is a Hindu tradition observed on the Vijayadasami day of Navaratri. Children are formally introduced to literacy. The word “Vidyarambam” is derived from the Sanskrit language which means “the beginning of literacy”. The tenth and final day of the Navaratri is is considered auspicious for beginning learning in any field.

The ceremony of Vidyarambham (Vidya means “knowledge”, arambham means “beginning’) for children is held in schools, temples and in houses. It is common practice and today took place at the Domino’s Preschool. Two Kids were initiated into learning by Mr.Ngarajah, a well respected former Principal.

Give the right tools. A job well done!

Free books were given to Students of Vaharai Tamil Maha Vidyalayam. As a part of the G.C.E. Ordinary Level Enrichment Seminar program, Model and Past Question Books were given to students who will be sitting the G.C.E.(O/L) Exams this year. Books were donated by Mr.V.Thevasenathipathy (attorney-at-law) of Colombo Arul Study Circle.

Last month a team of teachers of Arul Study Circle presided by Mr.Thevasenathipathy has came to Kalmunai and conducted a three days seminar for G.C.E.(O/L) students. About 3500 students have benefited from this.

Vaharai and surrounding areas have been affected very badly by the past civil strife and the remnant of it was visible in the face of those students.

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Every great achievement was once considered impossible

Vigneswara Tamil Vidyalayam is located in Hopton, a “tea plantation” village in Lunugala town in the middle of a mountain range (about 150 km from Colombo and elevated about 750 m above the sea level).
This school was started during the British colonization period in 1938 with only one “shack” building. The persistent effort of the villagers made it possible to upgrade this school to a Secondary School (grade 1 to Grade 11) with 480 students and 30 teachers. Guided by the current principal Mr. S. Thiyagasundaram, this School became a “model School” with awards and achievements.
The Community around this school is very poor with the parents are mostly plantation labours. The main agricultural product of this community is tea. There are many beautiful tea estates in Lunugala. For generations, the majority of the villagers are labours in the tea estate. Additionally people cultivate pepper, cinnamon and cacao and do home based small business.
Presently there is awareness for education in this area. The villagers need help and support to find the resource for education. This was identified by Rose Charities Srilanka two years ago. For RCSL, it has been a new experience to work in the Hill Country.
For the last two years RCSL provides educational support. Since 2014 Rose Lanka Microcredit has also started a village group in Hopton, Lunugala with the support of AMDA. So far there are 52 active members from this village group.
This school became the main recipient of various types of support from Rose Charities Srilanka and Rose Lanka Microcredit pvt ltd. For the last two years education materials, books and other supports were given to this school
This year the volley ball team of Vigneswara Tamil Vidyalayam (under 15 age group) came third place in all island level. This is a milestone in the history of this school. Rose Charities Srilanka and Rose Lanka Microcredit gave volley ball, nets and shoes to those kids. Few of the boys who were achieved this were from the microcredit families of Rose Charities.
The story did not end here. Like the previous years, 8 Primary students have passed in the Grade 5 Scholarship Exams held this year. They were felicitated by Rose Charities Srilanka and Rose Lanka Microcredit. Medals were awarded to these kids.
The school community is grateful for what has been done and welcome the efforts of Rose Charities Srilanka and Rose Lanka Microcredit for future support.








Thank you to the Rose Charities Sri Lanka Team

DSC07568Vancouver, Canada.  1st February 2014

To Anthony Richard, Rajeeshan Shanmugalingam   and the whold Rose Sri Lanka Team, 

On behalf of Rose Charities International and of myself I would like to extend our very grateful  appreciation for your magnificent staging of the 6th Rose Charities International Conference from 24 to 26th January 2014 at Kalmunai.    The events were wonderfully organized and offered the international delegates  both a wonderful forum for discussion in and an opportunity to learn first hand of the impressive spectrum of projects developed and organized by Rose Charities Sri Lanka.

It is impossible to over emphasize how impressed we are with the work  of the Rose Sri Lanka team . You organization brings great pride to the whole Rose network and remains as one of its foremost  project foci  leading the way in so many areas and setting reference points from which projects in other countries can lean. Your dedication, drive and energy have, and continue to be inspirational and your planning and organization superb.  This was extended to the Rose Vl Conference and th parallel commemoration of last 10 years of amazing work.

Now, with the even recently over we are left with the most wonderful memories and impressions of so many aspects of Kalmunai and the projects and operations of Rose Charities Sri Lanka.   And those memories will last for many many years into the future .

So bravo and thank you to you all.  In a world where there is so much need  your team of Rose Charities Sri Lanka  has provide a light of hope for so many.    For this we join with so many you have helped,  in laudation and gratitude.

Yours sincerely

William Grut.  MD.

(Rose Charities International  Executive Secretary )


“Lawrence Preschool” – A New Bud of “Rose Preschools”!!

A new ‘English Medium’ preschool has been inaugurated in Mandur village of Vellavely division on the 18th of January, 2013. This is the 17th preschool of Rose Preschools.

As a result of a load of requests from the parents, teachers and officials of the area, this preschool was planted there as the Sister School of English Language Institute in Kalmunai.

In a rented house with a vast front yard, the preschool was established.

Almost after four months of starting, this preschool shows a promising future in the children’s education.

It has a long menu, with not only preschool education (for kids 3years – 5years of age) but also after school classes (grade 1 – O/Levels), English classes (for kids and adults), scholarship enrichment classes (for grade 4 students) and computer classes (for kids and adults).

At present there are 57 children attending this preschool in which of them 27 are boys and 30 are girls. There are about 60 students attending for the after school classes of English, Maths, Tamil and other necessary subjects.

In the month of March, this year, Lawrence Preschool has celebrated its 1st Annual Sports meet with all the students and parents. The fun has not stopped there. The children and teachers with some of the parents went on an excursion in April.

Today, a Computer Lab has been opened in the school for the use of kids and adults.

We hope for the best in providing the education for the community.

Still More Microcredit Stories: Education a Top Priority for These Mothers

Today’s stories come from the village of Ranamadu 6. Here, we meet T. Rukmanithevi, a single mother of three, who has tended her small rice paddy for more than 20 years. Her three children are now reaching university-age, and Ms. Rukmanithevi is determined they continue to receive the best education they possibly can. To support them, she needs to expand her business and increase her income. She applied for and received two loans from Rose Microcredit, with which she purchased an additional plot of paddy land. She now has four acres of land for rice production, which has led to a big increase in her monthly income, allowing her to begin saving for her children’s university careers.

K. Ranjithamalar is also from Ranamadu 6 and runs a small rice paddy and home garden. With loans from Rose Microcredit she was able to invest in top-quality seed and fertilizers that have effectively doubled her yield of rice. She and her husband have begun to save their extra income in hopes of buying more space for their home garden. Ms. Ranjithamalar’s dream is for her four young children to receive a proper education and to make the most of any opportunities their dedication and hard work may bring them.

Rose Charities commends these mothers for the value they place on their children’s education. We will do our best to support them, as they in turn support their children!

More Microcredit Success Stories

Today we have two stories of successful young entrepreneurs from the village of Veppayadi.

Our first is Ms. R.  Vijitha, who runs two seasonal businesses out of her home and has greatly benefitted from microcredit loans from Rose Charities. In the dry season, Ms. Vijitha works as a seamstress and dressmaker, while in the wet season, runs a small vegetable garden. Before receiving assistance from Rose Microcredit, the combined income from these two businesses was about 5,000Rs per month. Her small garden plot provided enough fresh produce for the family to eat, while money earned from sewing was enough to add rice, eggs and meat to the family’s table. This was purely subsistence living. There was no real possibility of saving, and there was nothing to fall back on should a crop fail. Ms. Vijitha received three loans from Rose Microcredit of 20,000, 30,000 and 40,000Rs, respectively. With this money, she was able to purchase a larger plot for her garden and quickly began producing a wider variety and greater number of vegetables that could be sold at market. She also used some of the money to give her dressmaking business a kickstart by purchasing better equipment and fabrics. In short order, the family’s income tripled to 15,000Rs per month. Vijitha can begin to put the extra money into savings, which finally brings some financial security for the family, and propels her towards her future goal of opening her own grocery store and dressmaking shop.

In the same village, we find K. Nalini, a wife and mother of three. Ms. Nalini has run a small cattle farm and vegetable garden for the last 5 years. Until this year, the farm yielded only enough milk and vegetables to feed her family. Again, there was no possibility of saving money and thus no safety net should disaster strike. With two loans from Rose, the first, a trial loan of 30,000Rs, followed by a second more substantial loan of 200,000Rs, Ms. Nalini was able to buy two more cows and begin producing enough milk to sell. She also expanded her garden, adding long beans, eggplants and squash, all of which she could sell at market. She’s now producing enough income to feed her family and pay back her loans, with still plenty to put away as savings. For Ms. Nalini, this injection of capital has been enough to set her on a stable financial course. She has no need or desire to borrow any further. Her focus now is on saving, making smart financial decisions, and building towards a prosperous future.

Microcredit Success Stories

We at Rose Sri Lanka would like to take an opportunity to share with you some stories of the successes that small business owners have had this year as a result of microcredit loans from Rose Charities.

Our first success story comes from the village Thumbankerni, where Suthakaran Ajantha, a local grocer, has set up a small shop to sell fresh produce and household goods. Intially, Ajantha and her husband invested 20,000Rs of their own savings to pay for shop space and stock. This provided a modest income of 1,500Rs per week, which, between keeping the shelves stocked and putting food on the family’s table, was simply not enough. Ajantha decided to apply to Rose Charities for a microcredit loan. From Rose, she received two loan installments; a first one of 25,000Rs and later a second loan of 50,000Rs.. With her loans, Ajantha and her husband have been able to expand their shop space and fill the shelves with a wide range of merchandise. In addition, they have now gained access to wholesale goods from the Rose Charities Community Shop. Previously, Ajantha had to undertake long bus trips to Kalmunai or Batticaloa in order to buy stock at wholesale prices. This kept her away from the shop and away from her husband and children for hours each week. Now she can keep her store well-stocked from right in her own community at even cheaper prices than the big Batticaloa wholesalers. Income quickly rose from 1,500Rs to 5,000Rs per week and has remained there. This is great news for the family as it allows them enough keep the shop running, repay their loans on time, and perhaps most importantly, it allows Ajantha to spend time working and playing with her three school-aged children.


There are more stories to come, so stay tuned!