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March, for the Rose Preschools it was a month for celebrations!

The Annual Sports Meet of all 14 of the Rose Preschools was held this month.

The students of Lower Kindergarten, Upper Kindergarten, teachers and parents have celebrated these events as a joyful function of the school year. For some, it has been for the second time but for some it was the first time in their life involving in this kind of activity .

The Organizing Committee of the Sports Meet had invited Officials, principals and community leaders from the area as distinguished guests with the participation of the public. Staffs of RCSL also participated in the event enthusiastically.

Each preschool was housed by a name (of someone from Rose Charities Canada to appreciate what they are doing for the effective functioning of Rose Charities Srilanka!!!!) .

First of all let’s start with the Sports Meet of the Rose Flagship Preschool, Domino’s Early Childhood Education Centre and English Language Institute .

This was held on Saturday, 12th of March 2011 in the front yard of the school, Kalmunai.

Children eagerly participated in track and field events and fancy dress parades and won trophies and certificates. Parents involved actively and supported fully to make this event a successful one .

Let the pictures do the talking………….

Rose Charities Children Day Celebration on 10th November, 2010

We are celebrated the International children day on 10th November, 2010 in our ELI hall. All our children Sports clubs are took part in that day. The students did many programs such as dances and dramas. We provided many library books for each clubs.

Rose charities’ Graduation day 13th November, 2010

Rose charities’ early childhood education centre was celebrated the Graduation day on 13th November, 2010 at English language institute. The students staged many programs such as speeches, dances and dramas. They were attracted by the parents and the teachers. The chief guest for this function was Mr. Prabakaran the (principal of Wesley high school Kalmunai) and the distinguished guest were Mr. Sanjeev Sivakumar (the registrar of southeastern university) and board of directors.The certificates were given to the students by the guests who were complete the preschool education and joining the primary education in year 2011.

University Scholarship Program Update

Rose Charities Sri Lanka (RCSL) began in 2005 with the support of Canadian volunteers, local community workers and generous donations. The organization has since evolved into a large-scale educational enrichment initiative targeting at-risk children and youth at every stage of development. RCSL’s holistic approach encompasses programs at the preschool, primary, secondary and post-secondary level.

Primary school sports programs empower girls while secondary exam preparation programs mentor students. Both programs work to equip young Sri Lankans with the confidence and skills to pursue their dreams in University. Thus, the University Scholarship Program is a critical tenet of to RCSL’s education project as it strengthens all of the other community programs.

The University Scholarship Program targets students that have been affected by the 2005 Tsunami, civil war and poverty. Despite free tuition for a post-secondary education in Sri Lanka, costs such as books, accommodation and transportation are prohibitive barriers for students from low-income families. The Scholarship program provides students with $260 (CAD) per year, a small sum relative to the long-term benefits to the student, community, and overall development of the country.

Since the Scholarship Program’s foundation, 19 students have graduated in various disciplines, including Arts and Culture, Engineering, Management, Medicine and Computer Science. This wide range of expertise creates a group of successful individuals who now have the ability to give back to their community. The Scholarship Program is not the final stage of the education enrichment initiative rather it is a means of reincorporating resources into the community of Kulmunai so that Rose Charities Sri Lanka can eventually become a sustainable operation.

Pamini received a scholarship in 2007, allowing her to pursue a post-secondary education. Since her widowed mother earns just $200 per year, Pamini used her scholarship to pay for books and transportation in order to obtain her university degree in Arts and Culture. Pamini now plans to help her mother and pay for her younger brother and sister’s education.

After 5 successful years, the need for university scholarships is greater than ever.  Seventeen students are currently enrolled in Sri Lankan Universities for the January 2011 term, 6 of them will still require financial support in order to make their dreams a reality. These students include:

Devanayagam Angella Nishani

  • University: Eastern University, Sri Lanka
  • Program of Study: Bachelors of Science
  • Expected Graduation Date: December 2011

Yokesvaran Kalaivathanan

  • Age: 24
  • Town of Birth: Thirukkovil, Sri Lanka
  • University: Eastern University, Sri Lanka
  • Program of Study: Medicine
  • Expected Graduation Date: December 2012

Sithambaram Sanjeevkanth

  • Age: 24
  • Town of Birth:
  • University: University of Paradeniya, Sri Lanka
  • Program of Study: Engineering
  • Expected Graduation Date: December 2012

Nadeeshan Pakeerathan

  • Age: 24
  • Town of Birth: Sammanthurai, Sri Lanka
  • University: Eastern University, Sri Lanka
  • Program of Study: Medicine
  • Expected Graduation Date: December 2012

Kesupathy Viyarathan

  • Age: 22
  • University: Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
  • Program of Study: Earth Resource Engineering
  • Expected Graduation Date: December 2012

Kesupathy Geevarathan

  • Age: 22
  • University: Eastern University, Sri Lanka
  • Program of Study: Medicine
  • Expected Graduation Date: December 2012

Without funding, these 6 students are unable to accept their offers for a university education. The Rose Charities University Scholarship program asks for your help once again to empower young people and their communities through education.

If you would like to sponsor one or more of the 6 University students, please:

  1. Click DONATE in the top right corner
  2. In the comments section specify University Scholarship Program and which student you would like to fund.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at:

Thank you for your ongoing support!