Still More Microcredit Stories: Education a Top Priority for These Mothers

Today’s stories come from the village of Ranamadu 6. Here, we meet T. Rukmanithevi, a single mother of three, who has tended her small rice paddy for more than 20 years. Her three children are now reaching university-age, and Ms. Rukmanithevi is determined they continue to receive the best education they possibly can. To support them, she needs to expand her business and increase her income. She applied for and received two loans from Rose Microcredit, with which she purchased an additional plot of paddy land. She now has four acres of land for rice production, which has led to a big increase in her monthly income, allowing her to begin saving for her children’s university careers.

K. Ranjithamalar is also from Ranamadu 6 and runs a small rice paddy and home garden. With loans from Rose Microcredit she was able to invest in top-quality seed and fertilizers that have effectively doubled her yield of rice. She and her husband have begun to save their extra income in hopes of buying more space for their home garden. Ms. Ranjithamalar’s dream is for her four young children to receive a proper education and to make the most of any opportunities their dedication and hard work may bring them.

Rose Charities commends these mothers for the value they place on their children’s education. We will do our best to support them, as they in turn support their children!