Who we are:

Rose Charities Sri Lanka, a registered as a Voluntary Service Organization in Sri Lanka, started in 2005 after the Tsunami devastated the area. Once the emergency was over, the rebuilding needed to begin. From our first Community Support Workers and micro-finance programs we have grown to include education, peace, sports, vocational training, and income generation reaching the poorest people from all the ethnic communities in the Ampara area on the east coast.


What we do:


Financial help to build small businesses: We provide loans to individuals so they can improve their lives. Currently almost 2,000 people, most of them

women, have started small businesses in their own neighbourhoods. This self-help program has been a hugely successful way for people to improve their

lives through earning income. See our website: http://www.rosemicrocredit.org/


We provide free programs from pre-school to university scholarships.

  • Pre-School Program
  • Mother and Child groups
  • Kid 2 Kid scholarship program
  • School drop-out program
  • G.C.E. (O/L and A/L): after school program of enriched study in English, Mathematics, Science & technology, and social studies
  • University scholarship program

Community Support

Community Support Workers (CSW) identify areas of need and work with families.

Community Centre

A Community Centre with basketball court was built in a rural, impoverished area with funds donated by Rose Charities Canada.

Skill Training