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Rose Lanka team rushes to assist nearby landslide disaster victims

sri-landslide14Rose Lanka Micro credit and Rose Charities Sri Lanka have been working on a Project  in Hopton Village, Lunugala, Badulla District since the beginning of this year 2014.  The above Koslanda  land slide happened  near our  project area in the same District.

On 29.10.2014 at 7.30 am,   the above Land slide happened after heavy monsoon rains, engulfed about 140 houses in Badulla District. 302 bodies  were found up to now and believed more than 100 people missing as per information given by the Disaster Management Ministry, Srilanka.

Bad weather is also hampering the rescue operations. Also there is still  a threat of further land slide and a group of 500 Army and Air force personal are assisting  with rescue operations.

More that100 people are still missing.   Some school children were in the school during this time and they are safe but  many children became orphans. Some husbands lost their wives, children and family members.  Most of the houses  and Temples have been buried in   09 Meter(30’) in Mud. Affected  people are in School Refugee camps and urgently  in need of   cloth,food,water,milk food for infants etc.

Rose Lanka Micro Credit Managing Director and staff had an urgent meeting with all staff of Rose Charities Srilanka and decided to collect some  cloth, food items etc. from our members and public to help the Land slide refugees.

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Visit to the Relief camps

Yesterday when the Emergency Team have visited and provided food and other essential materials, necessary data have been collected for the immediate action. In the two relief camps in Malwatha there are about 2oo families displaced and waiting for relief. In veeramunai there are about 450 families have displaced and staying in two camps.

The Staff of Rose Charities Srilanka Jumps into Relief Work AGAIN!!!!!

Heavy Rain and strong winds are thumping all the part of Ampara district, especially Kalmunai and other surrounding areas without showing any mercy on anyone any more.

Most of the resettled areas after tsunami are flooding enormously and unexpectedly since these buildings have been built in low lands without any foreseeing of present situation.

Rose Charities Sri Lanka has started its relief activities with Veeramunai village where about 150 have been displaced with no food and accommodation. Food supply was provided for these people and the children who were starving for more than a day.

Tragedy hits Navithanvely DS Division

Areas of Navithanvely DS Division lost the main aorta of transportation with Kalmunai due to the flooding. The only route which is now under water is used for Canoe transportation to get to the main land where these people can get their day to day provisions.

RCSL with the DS of Navithanvely arranged boat services to and from Chawalakada and Kiddankey in order for the people to get through safely.

Staff of RCSL started cooking food for the displaced in the affected areas.

*thanks lankasrinews.

The condition returns….NOT to normalcy!!!!

For the last few days it started raining again without any halt. With opening of sky doors of 37 reservoirs of 56, many parts of the island have been flooded and people displaced.

The Eastern region of Srilanka which is hit severely by this continuous rain and flooding AGAIN!!!

Trincomalee district, Batticaloa district and Ampara district have been affected enormously again. From yesterday most of the Government Schools and institutions as well as private sectors were closed due to this situation got worsen.

The transportation from and out of Kalmunai which have been returned to normal after the last flooding have made difficulties again.


Yesterday some of the staff, who lives in the flood affected areas with no transportation, was dropped off at their houses by the special transport arranged by RCSL.

Most of the staff of RCSL was affected by this rain and flood again, some of them were unable to come to work due to the blockage in transportation.


The help from Rose Charities Canada reached to the flood affected members of Rose Charities Srilanka.

A load of provisions have been bought and stored temporarily in RCSL office in Kalmunai for distribution. All the staff members of RCSL put all their own time and effort on packing and distributing these relief goods.

Today is the second day of packing and distribution.

Members from areas such as Natpiddimunai, Pandiruppu, Veeramunai, Veeracholai and Kalmunai were provided with relief provisions so far.

We are expecting more than 1000 members to come in to the RCSL office to receive relief goods.

The package includes various amounts of rice, flour, lentils, tea, sugar, instant noodles, biscuits, dried fish, mosquito coils, box of matches, soaps and soya meat.

We met a critical situation while we were on the field-15.01.2011

Our Vehicle slept in to the Broken Bridge

On 15th of January 2011, a public holiday, it was the Thai Pongal Day which is an auspicious day in Tamil calendar. The members of Emergency Team of RCSL started their day on a field visit to Vellaveli, a flood affected area which was completely isolated from the main land. The information needed for the relief efforts to be done in that area was effectively collected by team.

The team members on the field that day were;
1. Mr. Anthony Richard
2. Mr. S. Rajeeshan
3. Mr. M. Charles Jeyakanth and
4. Mr. L.B. Nalinda

After a long and tiring work, the team returned to the office. On the way, it had met a critical situation.
While the team was assessing the stage of the “Karuththa Paalam (Black Bridge)” which was already damaged by the flooding, unexpectedly the entrance in to the bridge gave way and the front-driver side wheel of the RCSL vehicle entangled in the pit which was at least ten feet deep. In that area the thickness of the road is about an inch or two. With the time passing the pit was also widening.

The actions and untiring efforts of the team t that critical situation saved the day. It took about 1 hour to get the vehicle off of the pit.

On its way back home, the team had announced the situation to the adjacent Army camp to make sure the public know that the bridge could not be used.

After we get it out…

Field Visit to Kokaticholai-15.01.2011

Flood in Kokaticholai

Updated Photos of Kalmunai flood – 14.01.2011

Flood in Kalmunai – 14.01.2011

Wellaveli Bridge Broken by Flood

Update from Kalmunai-Ampara 12.01.2011

The heavy rainfall is still on …………………!

The meteorological department forecast that thundershower may continue for some more days in the Eastern province of Srilanka. If this condition goes on like this, the devastation may be worse and serious.

In Ampara district Neelavanai, Pandiruppu, Kalmunai, Karaitivu, malikaikadu, Akkaraipatru, Thirukovil, Nintavur, Sammanthurai and Navithanveli are affected completely by the flood. Some of these areas are completely isolated from the main land.

Due to the flooding in Batticaloa district, six hospitals have been closed temporarily and the patients were transferred to the teaching hospital in Batticaloa town. Emergency medical camps are set up in main cities.

In the Eastern province it is reported that there were 15 deaths with no causes to be found. The recent cold climate due to the raining causes the elders and infants to fall in ill.

The health care people are on the ready to face the after effects of the flood in the areas.

Since the artery of transportation was affected by the heavy rain, flood people are struggling without any immediate essentials such as food, medicine, drinking water, sleeping materials etc.

Efforts are underway to provide relief to the needy people. Disaster Management Unit of the Government is taking necessary actions to settle the compensations for the families who lost their members to this flood and to those whose houses badly damaged. Food and medicines have also been sent to relief camps in the Eastern province from Colombo. But this effort makes delay and or unsuccessful due to the blockage in transportation from Colombo or surrounded area of Batticaloa and Ampara districts.

Most of the reservoirs are merged with water and therefore the people living around these areas are being evacuated to safe places. Opening of the sky-doors of these reservoirs may cause flooding in the adjacent regions in Ampara and Batticaloa districts.

In Kalmunai Education Zone alone, about 10000 students are affected.

As of today there are more than 315000 of 81600 families affected and most of these people are in relief camps and or with their relatives or friends.

Villages near the lagoon, river or tanks were completely flooded and the residents have displaced. Blockage in the transportation causes difficulties in displacing.

People in these flood affected regions are facing severe problems in lavatory facilities and getting drinking water.

Displaced settled in schools where the lavatory and shelter facilities are insufficient and relief is yet to arrive.

Most of the paddy land and cattle and poultry farms are badly affected in Ampara district.

Thuravanthiyamedu, a village in Kalmunai is completely isolated from the main land and 210 of 53 families were brought in boats by the Special Task Forces of the Police.

Some fishermen from Periya Neelavanai of Kalmunai who went fishing had gone missing. Two of them were rescued but one was dead.

As there is a lack of provisions in the local shops, people are suffering to get on with their regular living.

Rose affected by the flood!

The Dominos preschool of RCSL and ELI in Kalmunai are completely flooded and there are damages to the furniture and books and office materials.

All the Rose preschools and properties in Neelavanai, Veeramunai, Annamalai, Karaitivu, Chalambaikerni, Veeracholai and 10th Colony are completely or partially affected by the flood. These preschool functions are on halt until further notice.

The library run by the Rose Children’s Clubs in Annamalai was flooded with furniture and books lost.

The Rose Community Centre in Navithanveli is under flood waters.

Due to the flooding in the Kalmunai office, the regular functions of RCSL have been disabled.

Officials from RCSL have visited some of the relief camps in Kalmunai and Karaitivu to get details of the affected and their immediate needs. Field staffs are working with the government and non-government organizations too.