Update of the situation – 05.02.2011

After a continuous raining over night the sky is a bit clear around mid day. No one knows how this climate is going to change over. The ponds and lagoon shores around the Ampara district are either on the verge of overflowing or have done so.

The main – land transportation in between Navithanveli , Vellaveli division and Batticaloa, Kalmunai have been lost to the flood, since the main transportation line through these parts are either over the lagoon or through a bridge. People use canoes to get to the other side through Kiddangi, Pattiruppu and or other bridges and roads which are now under at least 4-5 feet of water, to continue their day to day living. The running flood water and the strong wind are making their efforts difficult and dangerous.

Yesterday when 9 men of Navithanveli area were trying to get to Kalmunai by canoe to get some provisions for their families, two have drowned and lost their life to this flood. The rest of them have managed to save their life but searching organized by the police is still on the way to recover the bodies of the two, one from Annamalai and the other from Navithanveli.

People who are from the flood and rain affected areas have been relocated to schools and other public buildings for shelter and these places have been run as temporary shelter and relief camps. In Ampara district areas like Malwatha, Veeramunai, Veeracholai, Karaitivu, Ninthavur, Akkaraipatru, Addalaichenai, Kolavil, Kalmunai, Natpiddimunai, Pandiruppu, Neelavanai, Navithanveli, Sammanthurai and other areas were affected again.

After the great loss of paddy and agriculture and farming in these areas during the previous flood weeks ago, the remaining paddy lands and agriculture also went down with this one.

With the news of government relief on the way, requests have been made by the DS’ of affected areas to all the NGOs for immediate help such as meals, food supply and essentials. Government help is yet to arrive and or arriving slowly.

Third day on the row……….

RCSL staff members are cooking meals for people in relief camps.