The help from Rose Charities Canada reached to the flood affected members of Rose Charities Srilanka.

A load of provisions have been bought and stored temporarily in RCSL office in Kalmunai for distribution. All the staff members of RCSL put all their own time and effort on packing and distributing these relief goods.

Today is the second day of packing and distribution.

Members from areas such as Natpiddimunai, Pandiruppu, Veeramunai, Veeracholai and Kalmunai were provided with relief provisions so far.

We are expecting more than 1000 members to come in to the RCSL office to receive relief goods.

The package includes various amounts of rice, flour, lentils, tea, sugar, instant noodles, biscuits, dried fish, mosquito coils, box of matches, soaps and soya meat.