We met a critical situation while we were on the field-15.01.2011

Our Vehicle slept in to the Broken Bridge

On 15th of January 2011, a public holiday, it was the Thai Pongal Day which is an auspicious day in Tamil calendar. The members of Emergency Team of RCSL started their day on a field visit to Vellaveli, a flood affected area which was completely isolated from the main land. The information needed for the relief efforts to be done in that area was effectively collected by team.

The team members on the field that day were;
1. Mr. Anthony Richard
2. Mr. S. Rajeeshan
3. Mr. M. Charles Jeyakanth and
4. Mr. L.B. Nalinda

After a long and tiring work, the team returned to the office. On the way, it had met a critical situation.
While the team was assessing the stage of the “Karuththa Paalam (Black Bridge)” which was already damaged by the flooding, unexpectedly the entrance in to the bridge gave way and the front-driver side wheel of the RCSL vehicle entangled in the pit which was at least ten feet deep. In that area the thickness of the road is about an inch or two. With the time passing the pit was also widening.

The actions and untiring efforts of the team t that critical situation saved the day. It took about 1 hour to get the vehicle off of the pit.

On its way back home, the team had announced the situation to the adjacent Army camp to make sure the public know that the bridge could not be used.

After we get it out…