Tremendous Flooding in Kalmunai, Ampara and other regions of Eastern Province in Sri Lanka.

Flooding in Kalmunai, Ampara

Since the last flood in 1957, since the Tsunami of 2004, the eastern province of Sri Lanka hasn’t seen such a tremendous flood and heavy rain. A heavy rainfall continuing for 22 days, without a break as of today accompanied with strong wind thumbing areas such as Kalmunai, Pandiruppu, Karaitivu, Neelavanai, Kallar, Navithenvely, Natpiddimunai, Akkaraipatru, Paduvankarai, Batticaloa and other regions of mostly all island.

There are more than 880,000 affected with 13 deaths in Eastern province of Sri Lanka with 116,000 in Ampara and 480,000 in Batticaloa. In Kalmunai alone there were 2 deaths and 132,000 hectares of paddy lands have been destroyed because of this recent flooding.

The highways and main roads have been blocked for any types of transportation. People are using canoes in the flooded areas to find shelter to save their lives.

This caused the blockage of relief goods and foods or medicines to the affected areas. Because of the continuous rain and wind air transportation of such relief has also been impossible.

There are 146 welfare stations set up in Batticaloa District to serve the affected.

With 7200 families displaced in Ampara District, there are 196 welfare stations servicing in which 57 schools are turned out to be welfare stations or relief camps. 52 houses were completely damaged with 157 houses partly damaged.

Most of the preschools managed by Rose Charities Sri Lanaka are in areas which have been affected by the flood, therefore these pre schools have to be closed until the disaster descents. Some of the Rose Pre schools and its premises have been destroyed. Most of the staff of Rose Charities Sri Lanka are also victims of this disaster. Some of their houses have been completely or partly damaged.

Rose Charities Sri Lanka has set up a temporary shelter and foods for its staff who were displaced.

There is an emergency relief unit has also been set up by Rose Charities Sri Lanka for any immediate emergencies in Kalmunai and other areas in Ampara District.

Rose Charities Sri Lanka kindly requests any assistance to remedy this catastrophe.