How it all started….

How Rose Charities Sri Lanka got started:

On December 26, 2004 a massive tsunami slammed into the shores of 11 countries in the Indian Ocean. In Sri Lanka the East coast was the worst hit. An estimated 11,000 lives were lost and 70,000 families made homeless in the area of Kalmunai, in the district of Ampara. Shops, schools and businesses were swept away.

An appeal went out from the hospital in Kalmunai for humanitarian help. A medical team from Rose Charities Canada, headed by Dr. Michael Seear, arrived within a few days and established a pediatric unit. Two other teams that included Dr. Collin Yong and Dr.William Grut, followed. Specialist nurses went into the temporary camps to identify those needing treatment and brought them to the hospital.

This was the start of Rose Charities Sri Lanka. The devastated community needed more than just emergency medical relief. Counselors came from Canada to help deal with the emotional trauma which so many suffered. A training program for Community Support Workers (CSW) was initiated and counseling was started in 19 schools, reaching over 10,000 children.

Initially focused on meeting the needs of children post-tsunami, Rose Charities Sri Lanka is now focusing on peace building following the civil war which left so many dead, injured, displaced and without livelihoods. It remains a community-based organization, registered and administered in Sri Lanka by local people.